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We have an assortment of products on sale, from second hand books to special events and activities. Feel free to contact us if you require any assistance. You can also donate to the African Book Trust via the checkout page.


Current or future events that are happening in and around the LitDistrict precinct.

Second Hand Books

A range of second hand books on sale from various book sellers around the LitDistrict precinct. 

Donation Campaigns

  1. Lit District Johannesburg

    Create readers. Change lives. Between the City Library and all of the booksellers downtown, there’s more than 1 million books in the Joburg CBD. Help us create a culture of reading within the precinct. While the Street Libraries get designed, we’re working on helping the city clean out streets, by adding cleaners and garbage collectors to the supplement the work already being done by municipal workers. Help us build street libraries in the Johannesburg CBD.
    R0.00 donated of R50,000.00 goal

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