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Johannesburg’s CBD is bursting at the seems with a rich literary history. The Lit District is a collective project that aims to showcase this district’s culture.

Centred around the city’s main library, the area is home to an abndance of book sellers, places of interest and historic landmarks. 

Come with us on a journey through Jozi and discover the city’s many pages of this vibrant book.

About Johannesburg Lit District

Celebrating Johannesburg’s book culture is our passion. Connecting book sellers with readers and introducing a love of African literature.


Not only can the Lit District feed your mind, but it’s pretty good at feeding your tummy too!

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Make a donation and play your part in keeping the Lit District and all of its projects going.

Lit district events

Join in on the fun and come discover all the Lit District has to offer. 


From as early as 1890, the city of Joburg was home to book sellers who brought education, enjoyment, and enlightenment to the people of the city.

The library in 1935

support and buy preloved books

Our collection of second-hand books are in good condition. Proceeds of sales helps us keep our district clean and full of literary magic.