Things to Do

A large part of the Lit District is opening the neighbourhood up to its residents and visitors. Throughout the year, there are events, workshops, and learning opportunities happening in various areas of the district. 

"The Doors of Culture and Learning Shall be Opened" The Freedom Charter, 1955


Take a look at all the events happening in the district by searching the calendar below. Click on an event to learn more. 


Experience the joy of storytime. Join us every Saturday in Ernest Oppenheimer Park and share our love for stories. If you’re unable to join in person, take a look at our virtual story readings.

Classes and activities

There is a variety of activities available in the district. Language classes, writing workshops, and more book-loving fun.

Walking tours

The best way to discover any destination is on foot. Which is why our interactive walking tours are so popular. Join the next one and see for yourself!