Revive classics

Books by many of South Africa's most famous writers have disappeared. Some were banned during apartheid's censorship, others went out of print and now live only in libraries or museums. Even there, only a handful of copies sometimes exist. We call these "ghost books", because you hear about them, but you never actually see them.

That means that some of South Africa's earliest indigenous-language literature is impossible to find. When the books aren't available, they fade from memory.

We're working to bring these books back to life. We're identifying classic South African books that have entered the public domain, and working with publishers on reprints of more recent books.

The titles we're currently working on include:

Chaka, by Thomas Mofolo (in the original seSotho)

Poetry and plays by Herbert Dhlomo (in English and isiZulu)

Noni Jabavu

Miriam Tlali

Can Themba

We'd also love to hear about the classic books that you think should be in every school and library. Tell us on Twitter or Facebook.