Our Projects

Book Donations

The Literary District runs on passion and community support. We regularly donate books to libraries and schools, work with community organisations that have literacy outreach programmes and donate books to their causes. 

Book Development


In 2020, with a grant from the City’s Department of Community Development, we workshopped six storybooks in vernacular languages. We’re now working on ways to get these books into print to share with as wide an audience as possible.

South African Lost Classics

Many books that would be considered classics have disappeared. Some were banned and never reprinted after the end of apartheid. Others simply fell out the public consciousness but are taking on new resonance now.
We’re working to identify which books are now in the public domain creating new editions, both in print and ebooks, to get them back into active circulation.

Video Storytime

The goal for this initiative was to revitalise the art of oral narrative, and make reading interesting for children by bringing the stories to life.

Community Development

 Our neighbourhood is overflowing with books. With more than 1 million books in the City Library and dozens of booksellers in the nearby blocks, our literary culture flows through the streets. We’re working with the Johannesburg Development Agency through its Our City, Our Block programme to highlight and expand this reading culture.
To start, that means keeping our streets clean. With donations from neighbourhood businesses, we’ve hired two full-time street cleaners, and we’re working to hire more. We’ve set up a system to communicate and follow up on needed repairs and maintenance to our parks, streets and sidewalks.
We also host regular volunteer days to invite people to help clean Library Gardens/Beyers Naude Square, and to freshen the flower beds.
The LitDistrict is one part of the Johannesburg Inner City Walkable Network, which linking neighbourhoods throughout the CBD to create a clean, safe and welcoming environment for locals and visitors.
We’re working to build and rebrand the neighbourhood with new developments:

• Little Libraries

• Urban Furniture
• Information & Identity Markers
• Maps and Signage
• Public Art

The 'literary district' mapped out
Street library design
Street signage designs