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Afrique du Sud: à Johannesburg, la fermeture prolongée de la principale bibliothèque suscite le dépit

En Afrique du Sud, la fermeture prolongée de la Johannesburg City Library suscite dépit et incompréhension. La principale bibliothèque de la métropole conserve en effet ses portes fermées depuis mai 2021 pour des travaux sur une durée indéfinie. 

South African Booksellers Open Up Sales in Defiance of Lockdown 

JOHANNESBURG  – For bookseller and writer Griffin Shea, South Africa’s 35-day total lockdown made for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month. 

How a pandemic took the book industry online

The various components of the books value chain — spanning writers, publishers, printers, booksellers and distributors — are having to get by using the digital sphere.

Reading as resistance: bookshops keeping free speech alive 

US journalist turned bookseller enjoys new chapter in South Africa

Bringing Jozi to book: inner city literature trade is booming

Judging by the number of used-book sellers in Joburg, tech has not yet vanquished print, and the city even contemplates a literary precinct, writes Claire Keeton, who joined a tour of booksellers’ haunts

The Cut-throat World of the Joburg Street Book Trade

The book thieves came late on a Sunday evening. This was not wholly unexpected as…

The Best Walking Tours of Johannesburg Downtown

An area long seen as too dangerous to visit and walk around, downtown Johannesburg, dating back to 1886, is seeing more and more tour buses and groups of tourists wandering around, catching a glimpse of the history and the gorgeous old buildings like Corner House, the Rand Club, the 1935 main library and the Barbican. Often those tours are being led by one of the following groups:

Marshalltown’s secret book caverns are a bibliophile’s dream

The precinct’s literary heritage is experiencing a revival with pop-up stores and vendor stalls doing roaring trade.

#MyJoburg by Griffin Shea

The best way to get to know Joburg is to hang out with an insider. In our Ask a Local series we chat to some of our favourite Joburg city people to get the lowdown on what makes Joburg unique. This week independent bookshop owner GRIFFIN SHEA shares his Joburg with us.

The Book Review

1. Butterfly Burning by Yvonne Vera
2. How we fight for our lives by Saeed Jones,
3. A spy in time by Imraan Coovadia,
4. American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

Guest: Griffin Shea – Owner of Bridge Books

The Covid-19 lockdown wrote the end of the story for many businesses


The Covid-19 lockdown wrote the end of the story for many businesses, but for sec-ond-hand bookstores it is said to be the start of a promising new chapter.

GUEST: GRIFFIN SHEA – Author of The Golden Rhino and Founder of Bridge Books Sellers of new and second-hand books with a focus on African literature with stores in Maboneng, Commissioner street & online.

Griffin Shea



A group of people gather in Johannesburg to learn about the city centre’s literary history. The Johannesburg Literary District tour includes a stop at the Rand Club, the Pedestrian Market and the City Library. Courtesy #Dstv403